An effective risk management process requires the right technology platform. To complement its strategic consulting work, Inscon has partnered with Risk Wizard, a leading supplier of governance, risk and compliance software solutions.

Risk Wizard provides organisations with a centralised information system that replicates customer frameworks and work processes enabling risk, control and incident-related data to be easily logged, managed and dealt with. The system is web-browser based, easy to use and highly scalable.

Technology and risk reviews

Risk Wizard works with Inscon to help clients reduce their costs of retaining, transferring and administering risk, or Total Cost of Risk (TCOR). Risk Wizard can support a reduction in TCOR by:

  • Reducing insurance premiums

  • Improving return from risk management resources

  • Lowering cost of claims

  • Minimising associated administrative costs

Time saving risk management tools

The Risk Wizard software suite includes three modules that help organisations manage their business risks, strengthen their compliance processes and reduce incidents:

  • Risk Management – capturing, prioritising and managing strategic, operational and enterprise risk

  • Compliance management – streamlining compliance activities and managing business obligations in accordance with Compliance Standard AS3806

  • Incident Management – recording, tracking and correcting a range of workplace incidents including compliance breaches, injuries and asset damage

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